Sarasota Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click marketing is an internet advertising model that drives traffic to your site. It is an effective way to increase exposure and it offers instant online visibility!

The four main types of Sarasota PPC marketing that we offer are:

Google Adwords

Facebook Ads

YouTube Ads

Re-Marketing Ads

Google Ads

Our highly skilled, creative team makes sure you get the most out of your marketing dollars by reaching the intended people at the opportune time. We deliver your message in an engaging, attractive, easy to use manner that targets your local Sarasota, Florida market.  Google AdWords puts your product/and or service in front of a customer who is actively looking for what you are selling! By receiving your site’s information right away, they can directly click on it during their purchase process.

This hot lead is paramount in driving more traffic to your business’ site.  We seamlessly steer you through a proven campaign that focuses on bringing you the most bang for your buck while eliminating fraudulent clicks. Our company is up to date on all of Google’s rules and regulations. We incorporate Gmail advertising, as well as Google shopping to help your business thrive over a variety of platforms which are intended for your specific type of company.

This individual attention is seen in each of our campaigns and is an integral part of why our campaigns are so successful.

sarasota google adwords advertising
sarasota facebook advertising

Facebook Ads

Our strategic ad campaign is localized, which means it accommodates interested customers in your geographic area, of Sarasota, Florida.  We use Facebook video ads and Twitter ads in your tailor made Sarasota Facebook marketing plan.

We implement Instagram advertising.  Our Instagram ads are an important part of the package. They put attention grabbing images in front of potential customers that inspire them to check out your business, as well as sharing them with their network.  We ensure you receive the highest ROI (return on investment) by using our skilled and experienced staff to focus on getting your business’ products and/or services in front of your target audience efficiently.

We create captivating headlines, custom made images and unique, relevant content that separate us from the competition.  Our ads stand out and attract local customers, create conversations and connect you with your intended audience to help your business grow.

YouTube Ads

YouTube is a video platform where people from all over the world can create, upload and share music, clips and videos and attain excellent digital exposure.  These video ads show potential customers what your business has to offer. YouTube ads are an ideal platform to use for visual advertising.  The consumer will get to see a well thought out glimpse of your actual product or service in motion.

We work with YouTube’s analytics and will show you how well your ads are doing and what, if anything, should be changed, as well as the location where your videos are being viewed.

We also use YouTube’s targeting options which allow you to choose your target audience based on a number of factors including location, age, gender, interests etc. This is significant for saving money by ensuring local consumers are seeing your ads and putting your product/and or services in front of the intended consumers.

sarasota youtube advertising
sarasota remarketing advertising

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads focus on bringing your customers back to your Sarasota website time and time again. They bring back potentially lost customers.  If a potential customer clicked on your site but didn’t go through with the purchase, our remarketing ads will direct this customer back to your site with a bevy of well placed ads that feel organic.

Studies have shown that most consumers purchase a product or service on their second visit to that business’ website, not the first and our ads are in line with this.  This way of advertising engages the consumer and creates important brand awareness for your website.  Whether the consumer is actively searching on Google or just browsing around the internet, they will see your relevant remarketing ads, as part of the Google display network.

This is where our team offers attractive, informative remarketing ads that increase your site traffic and get your name out there so consumers can start making purchases.

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