Jacksonville Pay Per Click Marketing

PPC Marketing, also known as pay per click marketing is an online tool that sends visitors to your business site from all the major search engines. It offers increased site exposure and a major online presence!

The four main types of Jacksonville PPC marketing that we offer are:

Google Adwords

Facebook Ads

YouTube Ads

Re-Marketing Ads

Google Ads

Our highly skilled, passionate and professional team makes sure you get the most out of your marketing dollars by reaching the intended people at the appropriate time. We deliver your business’ message in an engaging, attractive, user friendly way that targets your local Jacksonville, Florida market. By instantly receiving your site’s information, the customer can directly click on your site during their purchase phase.

Google AdWords puts your product/and or service in front of a customer who is actively looking for what you are selling!  This hot lead is invaluable and it drives more traffic to your business’ site.  We can incorporate Gmail advertising and Google shopping to help your business expand over a variety of platforms which are chosen for your specific business. Our company is up to date on all of Google’s rules and regulations so that we can use the platform efficiently.

Our amazing, personal touch and attention to detail is seen in every one of our campaigns and makes up an important degree of why they are so very well received.

jacksonville google adwords advertising
jacksonville facebook advertising

Facebook Ads

Interested customers in your geographic area, of Jacksonville, Florida are accommodated with our strategic ad campaign which also focuses on target marketing to a local audience.  We Facebook video ads, as well as Twitter ads in your unique Jacksonville Facebook marketing plan.  We also implement Instagram advertising which is an important part of the advertising package.

They put images in front of potential customers which captivate them and prompt sharing of your website.  By utilizing our creative and experienced staff, you can focus on your business and we ensure you receive the highest ROI by reaching your intended customers.  Our team develops attention grabbing headlines, custom images and relevant content that separate us from the competitors.  

Our creative ads stand out and attract local customers which connect you with your intended audience and help your business grow exponentially.  By combining all of these factors, we create higher conversion rates which lead to more money for your business.

YouTube Ads

YouTube is an international video platform which plays a large part in this digital age. It encourages consumers to create, upload and share clips, music and videos which can obtain widespread digital exposure.  YouTube ads show potential customers that your business has great things to offer, which is even better than just being able to tell them about your business.  The consumer will get to see your actual product or service moving and this visual helps drive sales.

We strategically incorporate YouTube’s analytics which show you how well your ads are doing. We use this information to see if anything should be modified, and we show you the location where your videos are being viewed most often which helps with future ad placement. YouTube’s targeting option is implemented by our team. It lets you choose your target audience based on a variety of things that include the consumers’ interests, location, age, gender and more.

This ensures your local consumers are seeing your ads, and saves you money by targeting your local market. Our tailor made advertising campaign advises you on the location of videos, the running of the campaign and all of the logistics involved.

jacksonville youtube advertising
jacksonville remarketing advertising

Remarketing Ads

The Jacksonville remarketing ads we create, turn lost customers into gained customers who purchase from your site because they are redirected there.  According to studies, products or services are actually purchased on the second visit to a site, which is exactly what our clever remarketing ads aim to achieve.  When a potential consumer visited your website and didn’t make a purchase, our well placed organic feeling remarketing ads direct the consumer back to your website

This type of customer driven advertising creates much desired brand familiarity for your website.  No matter if the customer is just browsing or is doing specific Google searches, your strategically placed remarketing ads will entice them, as part of the Google display network.  By choosing our team, you receive informative remarketing ads which increase your site traffic and make your company name familiar to consumers so they can start making purchases.

Our remarketing ads make up an integral component in driving up profits, as well as reaching a large customer base.

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