WordPress For Local Real Estate Agent In Naples Florida

The advent and proliferation of content management systems, and in particular WordPress, has enabled an increasing number of local businessmen and women and local companies to make use of the internet to gain more business and engage with their clients and customers much more. Realtors in Naples, Florida have not been left behind, and many of them have a website in place. Despite the vast majority of the realtors rendering their services to the local community, all of them will attest to the important role a website plays in driving their business.

Just as having a website is important, it is crucial to have complete control of the website and all its intricate parts. WordPress as a CMS is exceptionally crafted to provide website owners with utmost control over the website. The platform also allows realtors design their website as a DIY project, thus reducing the budgetary needs associated with establishing and maintain a web presence. With this in mind, herein we will explore the best tips that realtors should take head while creating their websites using WordPress.

#1. Choosing An Appropriate Theme Design

The best part about WordPress as a platform is versatility of the platform and the incredible amount of resources that are available to help website owners customize their website. To this end, the very first thing Naples realtors should do is to decide the theme to use. There are numerous themes to choose from. Some are paid themes while others are free. For better quality and extensive support, the paid themes are the way to go. On the other hand, if you are ready to tinker with web design naples with little to not support, the free themes will also work just fine.

To enhance your customization opportunities, it is important that you choose a widget-ready theme. Widgets can be considered as building blocks that extend and enhance the functionality of a WordPress website. As such, a good theme is one that readily allows you to deploy and use widgets.

However, it is important to ensure that the website is specifically designed and developed for the real estate industry. Using general WordPress themes might work, but it also involves extensive modifications to customize the website for the real estate industry.

You also need to decide whether the theme will cater for the website as well as the blog or it will be used for the website alone. In this regard, you need to take into consideration the navigation of the website and any other element that determines whether your website performs well at being a website and blog.

#2. Mobile Responsive Website

The world is going mobile. More and more people are accessing internet resources through mobile phones. As such, it is of utmost importance to ensure that you use a mobile responsive theme. Even before purchasing a theme of installing one, ensure that the theme is responsive to mobile devices and that the website users find the user experience intuitive across all devices.

#3. Consider Matters Of Load Speed

The load speed of your website is important. Research has found that the faster a website loads, the higher the chances of attracting clients and customers. Additionally, in a world filled with choices, website users are always willing to abandon a website for another one that does not waste their time. In this regard, while choosing a hosting plan, always ensure that the host company has a stellar track record in as far as speed is concerned. Choosing a slow server will be hurt your brand and affect your bottom line.

When it comes to customization, make use of all the applicable speed-optimization strategies in existence. This further enhances your website speed.

#4. Make The Website Search And Social Friendly

The purpose of having a website is to be found on the internet. Therefore, you should make your website search and social friendly. The theme as the foundation of the website should have search engine optimization functionalities, clean code, and social share fundamentals. Importantly, the management and implementation of these features should be exceptionally easy. Optimizing a website for social media and search engines is a continuous endeavor. You should thus expect to spend a fair bit of time tinkering with this part of the website and hence the need for it to be easy to use.

While every bit of making a Naples Florida WordPress website can be done on a DIY basis, realtors looking for a high-quality website that is intuitive to use and well-suited for their brands as well as their industry should hire professionals. At the very least, realtors should hire professional website designers to guide them through the design process of the website, if they are working on a tight budget. Otherwise, hiring a website designer to designed and implement the project is advised.