Attract More Housebuilding Clients With a Great Website

What Makes a Good Website?

Home builders need to work hard to attract new clients. It can be challenging to attract new customers when you are focused on a project that is so expensive and demanding. If you want to attract the best customers for your Naples business, then you need to provide them with the information that they are looking for in a format that they can trust.

There are many home builders in Naples, Florida - and when someone is first looking to get a home constructed, they will most likely look for quotes from several of those companies. They will look at the websites for photographs, testimonials, information about the different companies, pricing, profiles, insurance details and more.

This information should be presented in a clear and easy to understand way, and on a website that all of your users can understand. Remember that many of the people who want a new home built could be older people - since buying a home does require some financial stability. These people may have older computers, or may not own a computer at all and rely on their smartphone to access the internet. You need to have a website that will work for them.

HTML Websites for Attracting Clients in Naples Florida

As a homebuilder, it's entirely likely that you have a lot of expertise in project management, contracting, planning law and other issues - but Naples web design and development is not one of the things that would be classed as within your niche.

Technical descriptions used by web developers - HTML, XHTML, CSS, jQuery, etc., may make little sense to you. What is good for a website to attract clients in Naples, Florida?

To make an informed decision, you need to understand what websites are, and how they are made. The basic, underlying markup of every website is HTML - that could be plain old HTML, or it could be HTML5 or XHTML. This is the markup that displays the text, tables, buttons, and links that your users see. To determine what should be shown to the user, website developers use some code to create dynamic websites - PHP, for example, can be linked up to a database to display content that changes frequently and to allow users to search that content. Also, these dynamic websites - often powered by a platform such as Joomla or WordPress, but sometimes custom coded, can be updated by you, the company owner with ease.

Content Management Systems

Content management systems - such as WordPress - are ideal for company owners because they allow them to run a website that looks good and that is easy to update. You don't need to have a high level of technical knowledge. You can edit posts, add new posts, and see information about how popular your website is simply by logging in to an admin panel and then typing the post into an editor that looks a lot like your favorite word processor.

It's also important that the site is stable - that it stays up all day, every day. If a customer cannot access your website, then they will probably forget about you and look for someone else. They're not going to keep coming back to try to get back to the site time and time again.

What to Look for in a Naples, Web Designer

Good website designers will know how important SEO and design is. They will create a website that looks good on all platforms. It's important that your site is stable, works well on laptops, desktop computers and works well on phones too. This is something called 'responsive' or 'reactive' design.

Look for a website designer that makes sites that you already like the look of. Most developers have their style, and they will work within a brief, but the site will still look like "something created by XYZ company." You could ask them to go outside of their comfort zone - and if they are versatile then they will do that - but for the most part, you would get better work if you found a designer that you liked the work of, and asked them to work with you.

Find out whether the site that you get is "just the site" or whether they will give you access to the hosting as well. Ideally, you should have the domain name registered in your name, and be given the details of the organization it is registered with. You should have control of the hosting account so that if you need to move the website or get changes made to it by another company in the future, this is a hassle-free experience. Your website should be an ongoing effort - something that you frequently update to show customers that you are still active and responsive.