Disadvantages Of Wix Websites For Naples Florida Attorney

What Is Wix!?

Wix! is a website building platform that is incredibly simple to use allowing clients to build their own site in around an hour. It works by providing ready-made templates that are created to suit a variety of different types of businesses, like a law practice. The websites that are generated are therefore pretty generic across the board, and one website can look and sound very similar to other sites in the same category.

There are however certain serious disadvantages to using Wix! As a website builder, especially in comparison with other, better platforms out there.

1. The Flash Factornap

Wix! is still using outdated Flash technology in their web design which makes it incompatible with mobile devices and causes a load of problems on traditional PCs and laptops too. Wix! Claims to have upgraded to HTML5 coding but there seems to be no evidence of this yet. Users can experience constant errors, crashes and other problems that visitors to their site will also experience, deterring potential clients in need of legal representation.

2. The Google Factor

Google does not support Flash and therefore does not support Wix!. One of the major setbacks of this is that Wix! Websites, with all their problems, either isn't indexed by Google or have indexes removed once the problems start appearing.

Recently, a majority of Wix! Websites using the law firm template began experiencing problems resulting in some sites simply disappearing overnight. It seems that if one Wix! The website starts having issues; the others start falling like dominoes. While Google is working at resolving the problem by re-indexing the law firm sites that have no problems, this may take some time, and there is no guarantee that a site won't become problematic in the future.

No index means that a web address cannot appear on a search engine results page meaning that people cannot find the site on the worldwide web making the website redundant.

3. The Ranking Factor

Every web page on the internet is crawled, indexed and ranked by search engines like Google. The better the ranking, the higher a web page address will appear on a results page. Google algorithms (and therefore other search engines) do not like Wix! websites and therefore penalize their ranking score. This is mainly due to the use of Flash as well as the recurring problems with the sites.

Search engines are currently all about improving user experience and optimizing sites for mobile devices usage. Wix! does not provide a good user experience and as mentioned above, is simply not designed to be used on mobile devices. A low ranking Naples website will result in less traffic (visitors) to a site meaning less potential business.

4. The Loading Factor

Recent surveys showed that internet users are not willing to wait more than a few seconds for a web page to load before moving swiftly along. Wix! has notoriously slow loading speeds deterring visitors from waiting for a page to load on their smartphone or tablet. Even on a laptop or PC, Wix! Sites are slow.

As part of their ranking criteria for improved user experience and mobile device optimization, search engines insist on faster and nearly instantaneous loading times. Once again, this will impact a search engine ranking.

5. The Cost Factor

Having a website professionally designed and built can be a costly affair. However, the value for money at the end of the day may be worth the initial outlay, especially for a professional Naples Florida web design that needs to project an air of expertise, like law practices. Wix! Sites simply do not look as professional and smart as other site building platforms, and they are charging quite a bit more for the service than their competitors.

It is also more likely that you will get more services and features free of charge from other website builders than you would from Wix! Giving the site greater functionality. For lawyers, time is money, and it is recommended to take the extra time to use one of the better building platforms for websites and enjoy a better overall experience.

If you currently have a Wix! The, run some diagnostics on it to see if there are errors if the site has been indexed on Google and whether it loads at all on a mobile device. Google offers tools on the Google Dashboard that will perform the necessary checks. In fact, it is recommended to do this if you have a website that is supported by another type of platform.

If the website is not performing optimally or not appearing on the top search engine results pages, it may be time to consider upgrading an existing Wix! Site to another platform. Ultimately, the best advice is to have a website professionally designed and built for a law practice.