PPC Bidding Tips For Local Naples Florida Businesses

When it comes to PPC marketing, experience advertisers understand the need for constant tweaking to optimize their campaigns and get an excellent return on their investment. In many cases, even a small change in the PPC bids can turn a failed PPC campaign into a successful one. So, follow the steps mentioned below to learn how you can also save money on your PPC bids and make your PPC campaigns profitable for your local Naples Florida business.

Better Ads Lead to Lower CPC

Your ad copy plays a very important role in your PPC campaigns. Better ads lead to better click-through rate which in turn increases the quality score of your ads. As you know, Google, as well as other PPC platforms, use the quality score to increase or decrease the cost of clicks. By writing better ad copy, you can increase the CTR of your ads which in turn will up your quality score and allow you to lower the cost of clicks.

Therefore, one of the most important things you need to focus on to decrease your cost per click is invested in better ad copy. Thankfully, several online solutions allow you to get high-quality ad copy at an affordable price. It is also recommended to test a variety of copies to discover what works best for your particular audience.

Another way to increase the CTR of your ads is through ad extensions. There are a variety of ad extensions available on various PPC platforms. These ad extensions not only help in making your ads stand out but also help in increasing the click-through rate. There are several guides available online that can tell you more about various ad extensions available today and how you can use these extensions to increase the click-through rate.

naGeolocation Targeting

If you're still not using geolocation settings for your PPC campaign, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. While geolocation may not make sense for brands advertising on a national scale, small businesses that want to keep their advertising limited only to Naples web design and should make use of geolocation settings to ensure that their ads are shown only to people in a particular location.

These settings allow you to show your ads only in certain regions or to people who are within a specific distance of your particular business. It's also important for you to know that there are ways to set geolocation parameters in the right manner and it has been observed that many advertisers do not set these parameters properly that leads to high CPC rates. You also need to ensure that the geolocation settings take into account the optimal hours of operation for your business.

Negative Keywords

Negative keywords have been a feature of PPC advertising companies for a long time, and most advertisers are aware of the value of adding negative keywords to their campaign. In simple terms, the list of negative keywords ensures that your ads are not triggered when these keywords are used in the search. However, this feature also has the potential to cost a lot of money in case you do not use it in the right manner.

One of the ways is to check whether there are any conflicts between the terms you are bidding on and the negative keywords. Any such conflicts between these two lists have the potential to harm the volume of keywords you can bid on which in turn will affect your CPC.

Also, you should also be using day parting to maximize the effectiveness of your PPC ad campaigns. Day parting allows you to show your ads only at specific times. This feature becomes extremely important for brick and mortar businesses as they are likely to get higher volumes when their ads are shown only during the daytime.

Optimization for Various Devices

Over the years, the search volume for mobile devices has overtaken search volume for desktops and other devices. You need to use device targeting settings to optimize your ads and lower the CPC. You should take a close look at your mobile bids to make sure your campaign is optimized correctly and you are not paying too much money for mobile bids.

Landing Page Optimization

The quality of landing page also affects quality score, and it's essential for businesses to constantly tweak their landing pages to look lower their CPC bids. These days, you also have the option of creating call only campaigns. These campaigns allow prospective customers to call a specified number instead of reaching a landing page.

Keep in mind that landing pages can cost you a lot of money if they are not well designed. You should also test several variations of landing pages to determine the most optimized landing page and ad copy combination for a particular campaign. You should also test this combination against a call the only campaign to get the highest number of clicks/calls for a fixed budget.

Keep Testing

One of the biggest mistakes made by inexperienced PPC advertisers is they do not regularly test their campaigns to lower their cost or increase their conversion rate. Thankfully, there are several completely automated solutions available today that allow you to run a variety of A/B tests to determine a winning combination. You should invest in such a solution to tweak your PPC campaigns and get the most value for your money.


Overall, PPC advertising has leveled the playing field for small businesses but it's a dynamic process, and you can't just sit around after setting up a PPC campaign if you want to get the best value for your money. So, keep the above-mentioned tips in mind to optimize your PPC campaigns and make the most of your advertising budget.