How To Choose The Best PPC Marketing Company In Naples

When it comes to choosing a PPC Management Agency in Naples, you need to focus on the type of company that will be able to maintain and then expands your account based on the individual goals that you have. This is essential to the success of your search engine marketing. Here are five important steps you should be using before you hire a PPC agency.

Step One - Compile A List

When you start your search, compile a list of the potential Naples SEO agencies by starting with referrals from your professional contacts and colleagues. You can also search for other agencies in your area through a company database like Google’s Certified Partner Search. You might find that these lists are extensive, but you can easily leave out the agencies that don’t offer what you are looking for, by visiting their sites and reading over the information.

Step Two – Comparisons

Once you have compiled your list of potential PPC management companies in Naples, you can start to make cuts. This is possible through examining which of the agencies are a match according to your budgetary expectation along with an overview in association to the services that they provide. Today you can find some agencies that offer several budget ranges and the majority are more than happy to describe their different budget ranges and what they entail. Additionally, each company should offer you with an overview of services that are offered in the monthly management fee. This step should assist you further in refining your preferred list of candidates.

Step Three – Ask The Right Questions

The interview with each potential PPC company is regarded as the more important step when it comes to the selection process. These interviews offer you with a chance to find an agency which will match up to the advertising goals you have in mind, as well as complement your specific company culture. Before you set up these introductory meetings with these agencies here are ten important questions you should be asking:

• Years Of Experience

You should ask the potential PPC agency how many years they have been in the business of handling pay-per-click marketing?

• Transparency

Find out how active the agency will be when it comes to sharing data with your organization as well as yourself.

• Focus

Ask the agency how many account representatives do this agency use to manage PPC campaigns hands-on? Also, ask if these reps will work on other things that fall outside of the paid search. Other important questions around focus include whether they offer additional services such as web development and design, SEO, etc. If they do offer additional services find out about the ratio of the employees that work on only these services compared to the employees who only work on the PPC services.

• Reporting

Ask each agency about the “standard” reports that they provide, and the metric types that you can request from them “on demand.” You should also find out if you were granted independent access in association to reporting.

• Cross-Platform Capabilities

Another important question to ask the PPC marketing companies in Naples is if they provide service across several PPC platforms or do they only offer AdWords.

• Specialization

It is vital to find out if there are specialists in the agency that have experience in conducting PPC within your specific business niche.

• Certification

Ask the agencies if their reps are certified in Google AdWords along with any of the other paid-search platforms.

• Shared Workload

You may also be interested in finding out if you have specific components or tasks in your campaigns that you would prefer to manage in-house, and whether the agency would be open to handling the other components. If they can accommodate this request, ask how they would handle this type of situation.

• Portability

Ask each agency about the tools that they use for managing campaigns as well as generating reports. You also need to find out that if you decide to later move your PPC management in-house or you decide to choose another agency, what will happen to your existing campaigns along with the reporting and processes that they have already implemented.

• Proof Of Success

Ask each agency how they decide on what goals and metrics are equal to the success of your PPC program. Also, ask how the agency plans to work alongside your business to assist you to refine and reach your specific goals.

Step Four – Rate

After your interview with at least 3 to 4 agencies, it becomes important to examine what each agency offers as well as analyze your needs while outlining your plan-of-action. After going through the answers that each agency has provided, categorize or rank the final companies.

Step Five – Choose The Best PPC Agency

At this stage, you should be armed with more than enough information to make an informed choice on the best agency for the needs of your organization. While you compare the rankings of each agency, make sure that your weigh the expertise and strengths of every company against your long-term goals and vision. Don’t be afraid to make that last email or call as this is your last chance to ensure that any of your perceived obstacles are not a problem. Once you have chosen an agency, make sure you review the proposal again to make sure that your notes are matching up to the agreement before you close the deal.