Social Media Marketing West Palm Beach

What At Social Media Marketing Company In West Palm Beach Can Do For Your Business

If you could go back in time just a few decades or so and ask any media expert where the best place to advertise a business was, he would most likely say TV, radio, newspapers, or some other type of print media. Then a decade later and it was all about getting a website, getting ranked and having the search traffic stream in, that does still work, and a site is necessary. However, now the way people buy has changed yet again, and social media has taken over the decision part of the process. If your company, no matter where on earth it is, doesn't have an active social media marketing presence, you're missing out on a lot of business. Lets take a look at what a social media marketing company could do for your SEO West Palm Beach company.

A Facebook Strategy Is Going To Be A Necessity

People all over the world are spending hours everyday chatting, reading news, and sharing memes on Facebook. Billions of people are there using computers and smartphones interacting, and every business should have their page, business website, Facebook marketing manager, and customer service reps monitoring it as well.

No matter what type of product or service your company provides, they should have articles and videos being released on Facebook on a regular basis. These can be product reviews, how-to videos, or just sales videos giving benefits and advantages, but they should be there for the customers to watch. For a small fee per view, its also possible to target the exact demographics of your potential customers with small ads right inside of Facebook as well.

On top of that, every customer that asks a question about any product or service should be replied to within the hour, if not immediately. This is especially true for companies that have actual products that generate questions. A map showing exactly where the business is, if it has a physical location, and right directions on how to get there are imperative.

The next step in the Facebook marketing process for a West Palm Beach company would be to have dozens of followers with thousands of followers of their own, posting daily reviews on products. They could use personal experiences, videos, and images explaining their purchases, how the product performed, and any other details, with a link to the website or business page. This would be an ongoing, daily series of posts that a social media services company would design and perform if need be.

The Youtube Platform Can Be Used As A Search Engine Too

Youtube is one of the most massive search engines on the internet since so many people go directly there to search for products. What they are looking for is a video walk-around, detailed review of the product they're interested in buying. In the past, people would go down to the local store in town and do their own investigating. Now, they go straight to Youtube and watch a video instead. Every individual product or service that a company has should have several videos on Youtube with a link back to their website to purchase. The videos should be listed by brand name and part number, so they are easily found by searching, but also duplicate videos should be made with more descriptive titles to cover every possible different search term as well.

After the detailed review videos are all made with various titles, exact how-to instructional videos should also accompany each review. This is because a certain percentage of people use the how-to, or instruction videos, to help them decide on whether to make the purchase or not. This would eventually involve making hundreds of videos, several on each product or service, but they would last on the platform for years to come generating sales directly into the website of the business.

Pinterest and Instagram Are Also Being Used To Search For Products

A growing phenomenon is that many people have been switching to images to find the product that they're looking for. When they search by "all the web" they end up getting thousands of websites trying to sell them something they don't want and they don't know until they see the photo or image of the product. If on the other hand, they search by images first, they can then click on the pictures and read the accompanying text. It may sound like a backward way to explore, but it does eliminate a lot of wasted time if you already know what the product you're wanting buy looks like.

With the image websites of Pinterest and Instagram, your West Palm Beach social media marketing services company can upload images of all major products and services that you have to offer with links back to your website, to videos, to articles, or to other models. The sky is the limit on these image sites, for now, you can have a photo of every single product you sell with part numbers, brand, and other valuable information and Google will show them in image searches. These free platforms are essential to use but if your company doesn't have a good plan, it's best to get started with a competent social media marketing services provider that can get you up and rolling first then either offer a maintenance program or teach an in-house associate how to keep it up to date.

Discussion Forums Are A Great Way To Connect

Several different forums are open to all where people can come together and discuss products and services being bought and sold online. For any company that regularly gets addressed, it's a good idea to maintain a constant presence on these sites. There can be hundreds of people asking questions, seeking advice, or voicing complaints that should be answered by competent customer service personnel so that there isn't any confusion as to the correct answers. There may be people searching for owners manuals, parts, directions to the business and these should all be handled quickly and accurately.

Unfortunately, it's also possible for competitors to visit the same forums and convince potential customers that your business isn't taking care of their needs. That's why a competent social media marketing company will have alerts posted online listening to any posts that involve your company or its products. Then, they'll either relay their concern to management or handle the question directly. This is part of reputation management as well, and all companies that have an online presence should be concerned with their online reputation. When customers are considering buying a product, one of the first things they investigate is the online reviews and status of the seller. If there are a lot of bad reviews, especially involving customer service or complaints, then they'll purchase elsewhere. Plus, if the competition knows that your company isn't keeping a watchful eye on the forums, they'll hijack all the customers they possibly can and spread wrong information that is hard to refute if youre unaware.

Keeping up to date in the online world of social media marketing is getting more difficult by the day. New platforms are being introduced, some good and some not, but all must be attended to keep the business rolling in. Failure to do so is like giving your competitors an office inside your company and a license to grab all the customers they can while you're asleep at the wheel. Not something that you'd wants to do in the real world, and not online either.