Search Engine Optimzation Tampa Florida

Choose The Right Tampa Florida Search Engine Optimization Company

Are you driving a lot of targeted customers through search engines? If the answer is no, then it’s time to use search engine optimization to make your web pages appear for the most relevant search terms for your business. Succeeding in today’s highly competitive business landscape requires expanding your online reach. With countless businesses in Tampa, you must strive to stand out from the competition and attract a greater share of your target market. In this resource, you will learn how to select a Tampa Florida search engine optimization company that can help you reach your business goals.

Understanding The Importance Of SEO

Before hiring any company, it is first beneficial to learn what exactly SEO can do for your business. This process involves increasing the rankings of your web pages in the organic search listings. Why is search engine traffic so important? The answer is simple: traffic coming from search engines is highly targeted. Users type a particular query to find the information they want. With proper optimization techniques, you can show up for the search terms used by your audience which means greater exposure for your website.

It isn’t hard to imagine that the higher you show up in the search listings, the most significant amount of traffic you generate for your site. But let us look into some of the numbers to give you a clearer idea. For example, you are targeting a keyword that receives 1,000 monthly searches. According to research, the top spot receives about 30% of the total clicks. This means that for the keyword you’re targeting, you can expect to receive about 300 monthly views. Now, imagine your web pages ranking for a multitude of different keywords with a total monthly search volume of 50,000. Your site can receive thousands upon thousands of hits if you manage to rank for all your target keywords.

Key Factors When Choosing An SEO Company

There are plenty of SEO services in Tampa, Florida. While it is tempting to hire the one that offers the most affordable services, remember that you are investing for the long term. Not all SEO companies are created equal. Learning the most important factors to consider helps you hone in on the right SEO company that can deliver exactly what you need. Listed below are some questions that can help you make a more informed decision.

1. How Will You Improve My Search Engine Rankings?

Even though you do not have an extensive knowledge of SEO, it’s still important that you find out the exact strategy with the company will implement on your website. This enables you to see the process used by the enterprise. Ideally, this should start with a full website SEO audit. With the help of this process, all areas of your site will be analyzed, and anything that needs improvement will be dealt with. This is also an important step in making sure that any areas of your site that do not need to change will remain untouched, potentially saving you a lot of money.

2. Do You Follow Google’s Quality Guidelines?

While you are figuring out the SEO strategy used by the agency, also take the time to determine whether the keep up with Google’s quality guidelines. For too many SEO companies out there engage in shady tactics that produce short-term results. Sure, this might help you for a few weeks or months. But you risk getting your site penalized once Google finds out that your website utilized spammy techniques to gain top rankings. Since you do not want to damage your rankings in the reputation, it’s better to choose a company that follows Google’s quality guidelines and uses white hat techniques for long-term rankings.

3. What Type Of SEO Work Do You Do?

Some companies offer specialized SEO services. For instance, you may find a company that only offers local SEO services in Tampa, Florida. Asking this question enables you to narrow down your list to firms that provide the exact services you need. As much as possible, make sure that the company you select covers the basics of SEO including technical, on the page, and off page SEO techniques. Another option is PPC Marketing.

4. Do You Guarantee Number One Rankings?

Everybody wants to reach the top of the search listings. This is why most SEO companies promise prospects number one rankings for all target keywords of their clients. Any business, however, that makes this promise should be removed from your shortlist. The reason for this is that nobody can say for certain that he or she can rank a website for a particular search term within a given period. Sure, this might be possible for a keyword that receives zero searches each month. Companies that make such a bold claim you undoubtedly target get keywords with no competition at all, but you won’t benefit from any of these search terms.

5. How Will I Pay For The Service?

It’s also essential to consider your budget when choosing a company. As mentioned earlier, you should avoid the temptation of hiring an SEO company with the lowest rates. Over time, you will learn that you get what you pay for. It is recommended to choose a company that has a flexible payment structure. Avoid engaging in a long-term contract from the get go. Instead, adopt a project-based pricing so you can test out the services first. Once you’re confident in the quality of service provided by the company, then you can negotiate a long-term contract and even use monthly retainer services.

6. Do You Consider Our Other Marketing Efforts?

This 2017, it’s high time to consider SEO as an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. It should work seamlessly into your other marketing efforts. If your SEO company shows no regard for other strategies you implement, then it’s better to keep your money. At the very least, make sure that they look at your inbound marketing and digital marketing strategies and see how they can create a custom SEO plan based on your unique requirements.

7. How Do You Measure Results?

Of course, you will want to keep track of the results you’re getting from the SEO company. However, problems can arise if your standards are not the same as how the company measures success. This is why during the initial consultation, you should be crystal clear of what you expect from the enterprise. Do you want to increase traffic by a certain percentage within two months? Are you satisfied with reaching the top position of the first page for your main keyword? Such questions will help you and your company stay on the same page.

8. Are You Familiar With The Latest Google Updates?

Any SEO agency that does not keep up with the latest algorithms implemented by Google is bound to fail. This is because the SEO never stops evolving. You don’t want to rely on a company that utilizes old techniques. This can put you at a competitive disadvantage. Make sure that you work with SEO experts who stay on top of the industry and only use the latest and most efficient tactics to guarantee optimal results.

These questions should serve as your guide when choosing a Tampa Florida search engine optimization company. Avoid the temptation of looking solely at rankings and price. Instead, dig a little deeper and figure out the exact strategies used by the enterprise and how they measure success. This should help you find the right company that can follow through with your expected services and results.