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Tips For Effective Location Based PPC Marketing

Location based SEO marketing can be daunting with many people losing money on their campaigns.  Location based PPC campaigns could be the best option for your business because they target local customers and could be within budget.  Large national campaigns have their benefits but, they will also cost large amounts to run.  If you want your location based PPC marketing to be effective, you should consider some of these tips.

Take A Look At Your Budget

Before you start running campaigns, you have to consider what your PPC marketing budget is.  As PPC marketing can become expensive quickly, you need to have a set amount you can spend and not go over this.  Most businesses have a limited budget, and this makes location-based campaigns the best.

When you look at your budget, you also need to consider which products are worth marketing.  A mistake that many businesses make is that they try and market all of their products.  This is a mistake and will eat through your marketing budget quickly offering poor returns.  To determine which product to market you have to see which products sell the best and offer the best profit.  These are the products you want to sell because they offer the best returns on your budget.

Look At Your Location Based SEO

If you are running location-based SEO, you can easily use this data to help you set up your position based PPC campaigns.  If you have not completed any Orlando SEO, then you might want to consider doing this before you start your PPC marketing.  Location-based SEO helps you rank for your site and will help you determine which locations are the most profitable.

If you have completed location based SEO, you need to look at your analytics.  Take the time to see which search terms are giving you the most impressions and which ones are the overall best performers. The search terms that get the highest number of impressions should be cross-referenced with the products that you sell.

If you have a keyword that does well and is relevant to a high-profit product, then it makes sense to create a PPC campaign for this.  However, if you do not have a high-profit product, then you might need to consider one that performs well but, offers less profit.  While you will not have the same return rate for the campaign, it is better than blindly going into anything.

Be As Locally Relevant As Possible

The way that you organize your PPC campaign is important, but if you want to get more local hits then you need to be as locally relevant as possible.  To do this, you should consider your ad groups and the advert copy that you have.  All of this should be targeted at the local areas you want to appear in.

If you are a business in Orange County, you should create an advert campaign for this area.  You can then create ad groups for your keywords and focus the effort on the entire county.  This gives you the biggest impact for the amount that you can spend.

However, if you want to target your campaign is a slightly different manner you can look at creating campaigns for each city you do business in.  Within each of these city campaigns, you will create ad groups for the keywords relevant to that town.  This is a highly targeted approach and could help you increase business in these areas.

Of course, the method that you choose should be compatible with your budget.  If you do not have the funds to create multiple campaigns for individual cities, then you should consider a country style approach.  It is important to remember that the more locally relevant your campaign is, the higher the click-through rates and the higher the conversions.

Have Local Call Outs And Site Links

When completing PPC marketing, you will notice that you have the option of ad extensions.  An ad extension will increase the overall size of your advert allowing you to take up more space on the page.  It is important that you leverage these extensions by making them as local as possible.

To make extensions many local people will add their business address or phone number on the extension.  While this does help viewers know that you are local you can increase this impact further.  Using site links and call out extensions will help you increase the political appeal of your advert.

The call out text that you choose should have something local such as the city or county name.  It should also be catchy and make viewers look at it.  The site link extension also you to add link text before the link is shown.  This should also include local cities and counties that you are targeting.  However, you need to ensure that the local information you provide matches the ad campaign that you are running.

Zip Codes In Display URL And Ad Copy

Having numbers in your ad copy has long been a great way of getting a user's attention and getting them to click on the link.  However, you can utilize this practice for local targeting as well.  Including your zip code in the ad copy and the display URL can make your advert stand out from the crowd.

If you are looking to target users in Beverly Hills, you might want to include the 90210 zip code in your ad copy.  You can quickly start that your business is the number 1 company for users in the 90210 area.  This will make your viewer more likely to click through because it is the zip code that they are looking for.  You should also include the zip code in your display URL.

Talk About Local Things Like A Local Would

If you are looking to target the locals indeed, then you should talk about what they talk about and a good form to use is email marketing.  Using local terms for places is a great way of engaging the local community and showing that you are a local as well.  This means that if you are promoting products for the beach and the locals have a term for the beach use that instead of the word beach.

This use of local terms will encourage only people who are in the area to click on your advert.  If the viewer does not understand the words, then they are not part of the target market and their click through would be a waste.  You should also consider leveraging price into your local adverts if you know that is what the locals will be looking for.

Use Distance To Stand Out

When people are looking for something, locally they do not want to travel too far.  By including travel time, convenient locations and other location-relevant information in your advert, you could increase the number of clicks you get.  Just stating that you are in the area may not be enough because the viewer still does not know how far away you are.

Including information such as being a 2-minute walk from a particular metro station will help conversions.  This tells people where you are and how they can get to you.  The more locally relevant information you can able to provide the more likely people within the local area will click on your advert and buy something.  If you are going to be delivering products, you should also state that you offer in the local area.