Helpful PPC Tips For Naples Florida Small Businesses

There is no denying the fact that pay per click advertising has the potential to transform a business. Pay per click marketing has provided a level playing field for all kinds of businesses, regardless of their size and industry. However, a lot of changes have taken place in the PPC industry over the past few years due to increased competition and changes brought about by various PPC networks. So, it is important for businesses to constantly tweak their strategies to stay competitive and benefit from PPC advertising. Here are a few PPC tips for Naples Florida small businesses to help them make the most of their advertising budget when it comes to PPC marketing.

Invest in Tracking

One of the biggest mistakes made by many small businesses is that they do not take tracking seriously when it comes to PPC marketing. In fact, one of the biggest advantages of digital advertising is that it allows you to track almost everything which means you can continuously improve your advertising campaigns by tweaking various parameters to get the best return on your investment. Even small changes can result in huge improvements, especially when PPC budget is scaled up. For instance, tweaking allows you to lower the average CPC for your advertising campaign. Even a small decrease in the average CPC cost can result in huge increase in the number of visitors to your landing page.

The key to tweaking your advertising campaign is tracking. High-quality tracking allows you to keep track of your spending as well as the revenue was driven by your PPC advertising campaign. It also allows you to keep track of the keywords as well as particular ads that are giving the best ppc advertising results for your campaign. There are several PPC tracking solutions available in the market. If you are not comfortable with installing scripts on your own, you can always invest in fully paid solutions where you just need to place some code on your landing pages to track everything. So, before you begin your PPC advertising campaign, make sure to invest in a high-quality tracking solution to get that high-quality data that will allow you to improve your return consistently.

beLanding Page Optimization

Many PPC advertisers are unaware of the fact that the quality of the landing page also affects their CPC. Therefore, it is recommended to tweak your landing page to lower your CPC cost as well as increase your conversion rate. For instance, Google gives a value of 1 to 10 as the quality score for each keyword. The higher quality score means lower CPC costs.

Several factors affect the quality score. In simple terms, it may be explained as the relevancy of the landing page, ad copy as well as keyword. A higher quality score means that Google considers that particular combination of keyword, ad copy and landing page better than other similar campaigns.

When it comes to landing page optimization, you need to ensure that the content on the landing page is related to the ad copy as well as the service or product that you are advertising. Google, as well as other PPC networks, want to ensure that the users find the landing page to be of high quality and relevant to the ad copy. Therefore, quality content on the landing pages is essential to get a high-quality score.

Another important thing that affects the overall quality score is the page speed of your landing page. It is important for you to keep in mind that a slow loading landing page not only lowers the quality score but also affects the overall user experience which may lead to users leaving the landing page quickly without completing the intended transaction.

You should also take a close look at the bounce rate. If the landing page has a high bounce rate, it means that the users aren’t sticking around the landing page which means something is not right, and users are not going to behave expectedly. There are several solutions available in the market today that allow you to conduct a variety of A/B tests to optimize your landing page. You should consistently test various combinations of ad copy and landing page to find a winning combination.

Use PPC Results with Organic SEO

The best way to get the best return on your PPC advertising budget is to focus your efforts on organic SEO in addition to PPC advertising. This will allow you to dominate the search results as your website will be present in the organic results in addition to the paid ads. In simple terms, your goal should be to cover as much real estate on the Google search results pages as possible.

Site Links

Site links are a feature that allows you to increase your click-through rate on your ads. Keep in mind that every little improvement in your PPC campaign has the potential to increase profits and therefore, you should do everything in your power to generate as many clicks as possible. Utilizing ad extension and site links is one of the best ways to increase the number of clicks on your PPC campaigns.


Overall, these are some of the tips that can help you in getting the best return on your PPC advertising budget. PPC advertising is all about constant tweaking and testing to determine the best combination of ad copy, keywords and landing page. It is also important for you to double down on your PPC campaign once you have determined a winning combination to make the most of that winning combination.