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Using Jacksonville Florida Search Engine Optimization Services

Do you want to gain a larger share of your target market? It shouldn’t come as a surprise that an increasing number of businesses compete for the same customers. What this means is that you should constantly be on your toes and look for ways to set your brand apart from other businesses in your industry. An excellent way to get started is to improve your website’s search engine visibility. Because search engines drive the largest amount of inbound web traffic, it proves an excellent investment to use Jacksonville Florida search engine optimization services to attract more traffic and boost sales.

What Is Local SEO?

Since you are concerned with attracting more customers in Jacksonville, Florida, you should focus on local search engine optimization. This is a branch of SEO that deals with improving a website’s ranking for local search terms. Without utilizing this strategy, you do not put your business in the best position to leverage domestic demand for your product or service coming from search engines.

If you perform a quick online search for your target keyword, which is usually along the lines of “service” + “city,” then you will see Google’s local map pack. This includes a map on top of the page followed by three business listings. Below this map, you will find the organic search results.

As you notice, the local map pack can be found above the fold. Because it has a more prominent location, local businesses aim to get included in this package. Sure, it still helps to rank somewhere in the top 10. But the organic listings are pushed below the page. When somebody searches using your target keyword, you want to show up in the local map pack to enjoy the greatest number of clicks as you can.

The Importance Of Mobile

According to recent research, 56% of on the go mobile searches indicate a strong local intent. This means that most mobile users look for nearby businesses to find an instant solution to their needs or problems. Since they are on the go, Google aims to point them to the nearest business based on the query they used.

If your business shows up for the target keywords used by your prospects, then you can benefit from that local intent, indicating that customers are ready to buy from you. This has the potential of translating into a greater number of sales for your business.

Start With Google My Business

If you want to get began with a local SEO, then a good first step is to set up your Google My Business account. Formerly called Google Places, this is where you can create your business listing and optimize it to have a better chance of appearing on the local map listings.

You can set up your account completely for free. You just have to follow the on-screen instructions and make sure that you include all the required information about your business. Your profile should be 100% complete. A full list has been shown to attract more clicks from targeted users.

Of course, Google has the biggest share of the search market. But there are also plenty of people who use Bing every day. For this reason, make sure that you also set up an account at Bing Places for Business.

Keyword Research For Local SEO

Finding out the best keywords to use for a local SEO is a bit different from researching keywords for a traditional website. As a business owner, you must learn the language used by your target customers. This should give you a clearer idea of what keywords to target.

A keyword research tool can make this process a whole lot easier. There are plenty of instruments on the market, both free and paid. You can start with a Google Keyword Planner. This tool allows you to find the relevant search terms for your seed keyword. It also displays the monthly search volume of every keyword that appears on their device. While it’s tempting only to use keywords that receive the highest amount of searches each month, remember that you are better off targeting keywords that show strong local intent. Pay Per Click is also another option.

Another way to find keywords is to do some competitor analysis. You can steal keywords from the competition. No, there is nothing unethical in this process. By targeting the keywords that your competitors use to rank on the first page, you are essentially taking a shortcut to better rankings and higher traffic. You eliminate the guessing game and immediately uncover the best search terms that drive targeted traffic to your website.

Local Citations

It’s critical to gather as many local citations as you can for your business. A citation is any mention of your business in other online properties. Take note that this doesn’t have to be a link. By gathering quotes from relevant, authoritative, and local sources, you increase your chances of appearing in the local map listings.

Consistent NAP

When your business gets mentioned in other online platforms, your goal should be for the citations to show a consistent NAP. This stands for name, address and phone number. The NAP you used when setting up your Google My Business account should be the same NAP you use for setting up accounts at other online business directories. Ideally, this should also be the same NAP other people use when talking about your brand.

This consistency is a strong ranking signal. It adds more authority and credibility to your business.

Quality Of Backlinks

Just like ranking any website, links play a significant role in boosting your position in the SERP. This doesn’t mean you have to acquire as many backlinks as you can. Keep in mind that one solid backlink from a reputable, authoritative and relevant source is much better than 100 low quality backlinks from shady online platforms.  Our SEO company in Jacksonville Florida can help you create relevant backlinks for your marketing strategies.

An effective link outreach strategy can help immensely. This involves reaching out to other brands or businesses in your niche. After building a relationship with them, you can start asking for backlinks from their relevant website.

Distance Of Searcher To Business

There are cases in which a user doesn’t enter a geographical term when looking up a local business. For example, a prospect may only type the word “florist” without mentioning a location. In this case, Google serves local businesses nearest the geographical location of the searcher.

Your local business’ proximity to the online searcher is a strong ranking signal. However, it isn’t one you can control. One tip is to create multiple pages if your business serves several locations in the Jacksonville area. Be sure to optimize all the pages to make them show up for their desired search terms.

Summing It Up

By now, you should have a much clearer picture of how local SEO and and email marketing plays a role it plays in fueling business growth. By improving your search engine visibility, you expose your website to a larger share of your target market. As a local business, your goal should be to get your business to the local map pack, which gets the biggest attention from users.

It’s also important to note that even after applying the most efficient Jacksonville Florida search engine optimization techniques, it can take time for your business to improve in rankings. Remember to stay patient and avoid the temptation of overdoing things in an attempt to speed up the process. You must also decide whether you can set up and perform a local SEO plan or a professional should do it for you.

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