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Simple Tips To Increase Email Marketing Opens And Click-Through Rates

Email marketing is a staple in any Jacksonville SEO expert marketing strategy and can be highly effective if used correctly. The problem is that many marketers are not using emails properly and this results in low open rates and click-through rates. There are some very simple tips that you can look at which should help you increase the number of emails opened and the overall click-through rate.

Know And Abide By CAN-SPAM Rules

In 2003 the CAN-SPAM Act was passed, and you need to know what this is. CAN-SPAM or Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing Act created regulations for commercial emails and messages. These rules offer recipients the right to stop these emails, and it outlines the penalties that come with violating the law.

Some of the rules that you will need to follow to be CAN-SPAM compilation includes having your physical address in every email you send out. You will also need to offer the recipient a clear way of opting out of the email list, in every email you send out. The from, to and reply to language needs to be clear and reflect exactly who you are. You are also unable to transfer or sell email addresses to another list.

There are some other rules that you will need to know about. These rules can be found online on the FTC’s website. Complying with this regulation will increase the visibility of the emails and ensure that you don’t end up in the spam folder.

Contact Within 24 Hours

When someone signs up to your email list, you need to be efficient in contacting them. The first email you send to them needs to be within the first 24 hours after they sign up. This is the prime window of opportunity as your business or brand is fresh in the person’s mind and they are more likely to open the email you send them.

This content is fairly easy to accomplish today as you do not have to email people yourself. Having an automated email system allows you to capture email addresses and set when the first email should be sent. You can also set what the email should say to keep the emails consistent for every person signing up.

Try A Personal Email Address

Many people assume that sending emails from a company address or a business email is more professional. While this could be the case, it depends on what you are trying to do. The way that you set up your email addresses needs to be considered.

Having an email from directly from your company name could lead to lower open and click-through rates. However, research has shown that adding your name before the business name will increase the speed of opening for your emails. This is due to users trusting an email from an actual person more than one from a generic email address. The experience that most people have with general email addresses are that they contain a generic email which offers them no value.

Think About The Preview Text

When using an email client like Gmail, Outlook or iPhone Mail you will notice that there is a small preview of the email in your inbox. This preview is something that you should harness as it can help you achieve higher open and click-through rates. The text preview tells the viewer a little about what the email is about, and you can enhance this by putting in the right information.

In most cases the preview is around 50 characters but, this will vary depending on the user settings and the email client. It is recommended that you keep to the 50 character limit when creating your synopsis of the email. The preview is something that you can pre-set to ensure that it offers the right information.

If you do not pre-set the show, the email client will only pull through the first parts of your email. This will not tell the viewer what the email is about and it could result in lower open rates. The way that you pre-set the preview will vary depending on the email system you use.

Have A Clear And Clickable Subject Line

The subject line could make or break your email or social media marketing. Your marketing email will have to complete with all of the other emails that your recipient is getting and this could be a lot. The best way to stand out is to have a subject link that needs to be clicked.

One of the ways that you can do this is to have a very clear and understandable subject. Telling your viewer what you are offering or how the email can help them is ideal. Filling the issue with adjectives will not help as much.

The subject line should also be 50 characters or less. Keeping to this amount is ideal because longer subject lines could be cut off if the recipient is using a mobile mail app. Having verbs and calls to action in the subject line can also increase the open rates. This will usually create a sense of urgency and build excitement which translates into the viewer opening the email.

You should also include value proportions if you are offering coupons or free items. Any value dimensions will make the recipient more likely to click on the email because they want to know what they are saving on. This also helps by telling the recipient exactly what they are getting when they open the email.

The subject line needs to avoid certain spam triggers. Some words and phrases are considered spam triggers and will result in your email going to the spam folder. You should avoid words like the quote, save and cash unless you are on the recipient's whitelist. This is an important part of SEO.

Keep Your Emails Short

Short emails are easier to digest than long ones, and it is important to bear this in mind. People are also busy, and they do not want to take the time to read through your long email to try and find out what you are offering. Short and concise emails will have better click-through rates than longer ones.

When you consistently send out more short emails, it is more likely that recipients will continue opening them. If the recipient knows that they are going to need 10 minutes just to read the email, they will either leave it for another time, often forgetting about it, or simply delete the email.

Have A Clear Call To Action Button

Each email you send should have a clear call to action button. However, it is recommended that you only have one button per email. Too many calls to action could confuse your reader, and it could lead to only certain ones being clicked.

The location of the button should be somewhere clearly visible and in a placed that makes sense. Having the button at the top of the email would be strange because you are asking your reader to click before they know what they are clicking on. Buttons at the end of the email text are better as your reader knows what you are offering and can then make an informed decision about clicking through.

You should also include an alt text for your button. If the email is opened in a client that does not allow images, you will be missing out on a click if you do not have alt text. The text should have a call to action such as start the quiz.