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The Best Ways To Save Money On PPC Marketing

PPC marketing can quickly turn from a worthwhile investment to a complete drain on your funds. Everyone is looking for ways to make their money go further with PPC marketing with some methods being more successful than others. There is some money saving tips that you should consider when setting up your PPC marketing campaign to ensure you get your money’s worth.

Better Ad Copy Equals Better CTR

Having a better advert will always save you money on PPC marketing platforms. When you have good ad copy, you will increase your CTR. Not only will you increase the CTR you will also be increasing your Quality Score. The increase in Quality Score can help you in some ways. A good Quality Score is considered the only metric to look at when you want to make your campaigns cost-effective.

One of the ways that you can write better ad copy is to review the end goals of the visitor. If you are selling an acne treatment product, you should think that the ultimate goal is getting rid of acne. Instead of asking the viewer if they are dealing with acne, as your competitors will, you should state that you can kill acne once and for all. This will stand out and speaks to the end goal of the person who views the advert.

You should also consider including countdown timers to your adverts. When viewers see the advert, they will be motivated to click on it by their fear of loss. This will give you the end because they want to see your advert before time runs out on what you are offering.

It is also important that you keep your adverts current. Using a good Jacksonville Florida SEO companies with topical phrases or time sensitive phrases to the ad copy has been shown to increase CTR and conversion rates. Of course, you will need to ensure that you update the adverts as time goes on otherwise they will be out of date.

Use Ad Extensions To Increase CTR

Ad extensions can help you save money and increase your CTR. There are many different ad extensions that you can use with platforms like Google AdWords. These extensions will make your advert larger, and you will use more space on the page. Of course, you need to use these extensions correctly to enhance your advert and increase the CTR.

One of the extensions you should consider if you want potential customers to call you is the call extension on Google. As Google does not like you listing your phone number in the ad copy, this is an excellent way to get that information out there. Additionally, if the advert is being viewed on a mobile device, the call button will make the call to your business. On desktop devices, the extension will list your phone number instead.

If you have any offers on products, you should consider the offer extensions. These extensions allow you to have a view offer link and text stating what the offer will be. You can also include information about how long the offer will be available to make viewers more conscious of the limited time they have.

Adjust The Geo-Location Settings

Geolocation and location based seo settings on platforms like AdWords need to be looked at and used because they offer you an edge with your PPC campaign. The settings allow you to determine which areas your advert should be viewed in. This means that you can ensure your advert is only seen by people within a set distance from your physical location.

Many marketers make the mistake of not setting geo-location settings or setting them up incorrectly. By failing to use this configuration, the marketers will be showing their adverts to people outside their target market. This will increase the overall costs of the campaign because they will get clicks that are never going to turn into conversions.

When you geo-target your advert, you are more likely to receive visitors that convert to sales. This is because you are local to their area and local searchers are closer to purchasing than others. It is also possible to exclude certain areas from seeing your advert even if they are within the first geo-location you set.

Layer Geo-Location With Dayparting

Dayparting is another setting that you need to use if you want to save money. Ideally, you will use this setting with geo-location to optimize the target zone of your adverts. Dayparting is similar to geolocation but, works with time instead of location.

When you use dayparting, you can set the times of the day or the days of the week you want your advert to show. If you are going to be leading your visitors to a landing page where they need to contact you, then you should consider business hours for your dayparting. Of course, you will need to be careful when you combine geo-location and dayparting.

If you narrow your field down too much, you could be limiting the viewers too significantly, and this will lead to low CTR rates. It is important that you first analyze when the best times of day for your advert is. This can be done by looking at the conversion and CTR of previous campaigns to determine the highest activity times.

Use The Negative Keyword List

Using the negative keyword list is vital to cost-effective PPC marketing. This list will have all the keywords that you do not want your advert to appear for. This can include single words such as ‘free’ or phrases that you do not want to look for such as movies with a similar name to your business niche.

If you are having a problem with your negative keywords and your campaigns you should run a negative keyword conflicts report. This report is available from Bing Ads and will help you identify any conflicts between search terms you are bidding on and the negative keywords list you have. This will alert you to conflicts which could be costly once your campaign is active. The report will also help you determine which negative keywords to add to your list before they cost you too much money.

Try Targeting New Keywords

When marketers want to save money on campaigns, they will usually lower their bids or reduce their overall spending. While this is one of the most efficient methods of saving money, it may not be the right one for your business. Another way that you could try is to target different keywords.

Long-tail keywords will usually have lower competition, and you will not have to bid as high for them. When you target these keywords, you will also find a higher CTR and Quality Score because they are more focused on your niche.

Look At Device Targeting

Searches are being done on a range of different devices, and you need to know which ones will offer you the best CTR. When looking for goods and services a lot of people are choosing to use their mobile devices. This means that you should be targeting mobile users instead of desktop users.

However, the mobile CPC’s which used to be much cheaper than the desktop ones are increasing in price. With this being the case you will have to consider your mobile bidding strategy before you start carefully. You will have more control with mobile campaigns, and this could increase the cost-effectiveness of your overall campaign. This does not mean that you should completely ignore desktop marketing because it will still add value to your campaigns.