Location Based SEO Jacksonville Florida

Location-Based SEO Strategies For Your Jacksonville Business

If you have a business located in Jacksonville or a nearby area, you should think about developing a location-based SEO strategy to reach out to local shoppers. Contact the right Jacksonville SEO Company for more information regarding location based SEO. techniques will make your place of business easier to find and will bring more interested customers to your store or office. You can use these strategies to reach out to local shoppers or clients or can get help from an SEO expert who knows how to implement these different techniques.

Claim Your Google Places And Apple Maps Listings

These local search results are usually displayed above regular search results for some searches. Google Places and Apple Maps listings are very helpful for mobile users on the go since they show exactly where your business is and what you offer. You can make these listings more appealing by updating them with relevant information, such as your phone number, your opening hours, a brief description of what you offer and some pictures of your place of business. Google Places and Apple Maps will automatically list your business, but you need to claim these listings to add more information, including a link to your official site.

List Your Business With Different Directories

Directories like Yelp, Foursquare, Yellow Pages and other similar sites are convenient ways to find a business that offers a particular product or service. Besides, these sites are considered as authoritative by Google and other search engines and are usually ranked high in search results. You should list your business with different directories and add as much information as possible. Don't forget to register your place of business with apps and sites geared towards tourists like TripAdvisor since Jacksonville is a popular destination.

Target The Right Location Keywords

A lot of users will use 'Jacksonville' in their search, but there are other place keywords you might want to focus. Do some keyword research to determine other popular location-based keywords that users might look up. You could for instance target keywords that refer to the neighborhood your business is in, the name of the street or road where your business can be found or use more general keywords like 'North Florida.' You should also consider using keywords that refer to nearby locations, such as 'St Augustine,' 'Gainesville,' or 'Ocala.' This is a good strategy if individuals in these areas do not have a lot of options for the type of products or services you offer and would be willing to drive to Jacksonville.

Create Content Relevant For Local Users

Some sites have different homepages depending on the location of a visitor. This is something you should consider doing so you can offer a more relevant experience to local tourists. You could, for instance, have a homepage where you focus on promoting your online store for visitors who are not in Jacksonville and redirect users who are in the Jacksonville area to a website with more information on how to find your place of business and with details on exclusive deals for local shoppers. You should also consider creating a mobile version of your site since users who are on the go will be more likely to visit your store.

Boost Your Visibility With Different Local Sources

There are a few different local sources you can use to get more exposure. If your primary goal is to reach out to local consumers, your priority should be to make sure they know about your business and where to find it. Sending traffic to your official website is important, but there are other techniques you can use to get results. Local news stories about your business are an excellent way to gain more visibility. Stories published by traditional newspapers and local magazines will rank high in search results and will increase awareness for your business. You should also join local business associations, take part in local events and think about supporting local non-profit organizations. All these activities will help you develop more location-based content, and more blog posts, news stories, and social media posts will be written about your business.

Use Foreign Languages If Relevant

Did you know that there are more than 60,000 Jacksonville residents who speak Spanish? Tagalog is another modern language with more than 10,000 speakers. Even though these individuals are likely to use English to look for information online, some of them might perform searches in their native language. You should consider developing content in these languages so you can reach out to these users. Your competitors are probably overlooking foreign languages, and this could be an excellent way to reach out to more consumers in the Jacksonville area. You should do more research on your target audience to determine which languages they are likely to speak and to use when they do online searches.

Use PPC Ads

Using Pay-Per-Click ads is a strategy you should consider because you can easily target users in a particular area. This is a good way to increase awareness for your users and to target people who are looking for a particular product or service. You can also use PPC ads to target users with specific interests or who are doing research on a topic related to what you offer. You can get your PPC ads displayed at the top of search results on Google, on a Facebook user's timeline or a network of relevant sites. PPC ads can boost awareness for your business even if users do not click on them and can lead to more people calling you and coming in your store if you use good copy and target the right searches.

Establish A Relationship With Your Customers

The people who come in your store can help your business become more noticeable online. You need to focus on building a positive relationship with your clients and ask them for help. You can also give incentives, such as offering them a small discount. Ask them to like your Facebook page or to mention your brand in a tweet. Tell them which sites or apps they can use to write a review of your website. Ask them to rate your business in Google Places. This only takes a few seconds, but most shoppers will not do it unless you politely asks them to after getting to know them a little better. All these things will make your business easier to find, and people will be more likely to visit your place of business if they see that many satisfied customers have liked your Facebook page or if they see positive ratings on Google Places and other sites. If possible, get local influences to help you. Get to know the regulars and figure out which ones have a large circle of friends and online followers. Getting a shout out on social media from these people is an excellent way to increase awareness for your business. This could also boost your online reputation.

These different local-based SEO methods will make your place of business easier to find. It is important to focus on location-based techniques if you own a brick and mortar business since Internet users will look for local products and services differently than they look for more general information. You can use these different techniques yourself to make your business easier to find or decide to get help from an SEO expert or a marketing agency. If you choose to get help from a professional, ask them about the techniques they plan on using and make sure they can get the results you want.