Email Marketing Services in Boca Raton

Questions To Ask When Choosing Boca Raton Email Marketing Services

When thinking about marketing to your existing customers and finding new ones, email is in most cases a lot more efficient when compared to social media. Obtaining new customers through email marketing according to Custora a New York City Marketing Analytics company has since 2009 quadrupled.

If your company has not yet tapped into email marketing, you might be missing out on gaining valuable customers. Today there is a host of user-friendly Boca Raton and relatively affordable email-marketing services made available by Boca Raton SEO Expert that can assist you in creating, sending and tracking your email campaigns.

Here are the top questions to ask in your search for the right email-marketing solution:

What Do You Want To Achieve For Your Company Using Email Marketing?

When you define your goals undoubtedly, it can assist you in deciding which email marketing services are best for you and your business.

If you are a brick-and-mortar or online retailer that is in search of a way to drive most of your sales through email, you should consider one of the all-in-one email marketing solutions such as Benchmark Email or iContact. Both these solutions extend beyond in the way of enabling a way to create, send and then track customer surveys and promotional emails. These services also allow you to email coupons which can increase your sales.

If you run an events-based company that hosts meetings, parties, and conferences you could benefit from using a provider such as MailChimp. This top-rated service makes use of Eventbrite digital-invitation which is a feature that you can efficiently use to spread the word about your upcoming events.

In What Way Can You Encourage People To Sign Up For The Company Emails That You Send?

You can just ask people to sign up either over the phone or in-person with your interactions with them. However, the best way to get customers to sign up is when they make a purchase online.

Most of the reputable email-marketing providers will allow for a way for you to upload your email-address lists that come from your direct database. To capture additional subscribers as time goes by, make sure you choose one of the providers who offer an email sign-up form that is customizable, which you can easily incorporate into a Facebook page or your website or both.

What Are The Costs Involved In Email Marketing Services?

The prices are typically billed on a monthly basis and will usually be proportionate to a number of the email subscribers that you currently have. The typical prices usually range from $8 to $14 for a month for 500 contacts. Or $16 to $32 for a month for 2,500 contacts or $89 to $300 every month for 25,000 contacts. The majority of the providers will allow you send unlimited amounts of email each month, but there are a few that won't, so make sure before you sign up.

Most of the email-marketing service will provide you with a free trial period that will last from 30 to 60 days. Some of these providers that offer these free trials include Emma, GetResponse, Constant Contact, iContact and much more. If you are looking for a free solution, then a provider like MailChimp allows for 12,000 emails on a monthly basis and when you have less than 2,000 subscribers. If your company has fewer subscribers, a provider like Emma will let you send up to 600 emails every month with no costs involved.

Will You Need Assistance Planning Your Email Campaign Strategy?

If you feel like you need assistance in getting that 1st email-campaign started, or if you are in search of building a long-term and focused email-campaign strategy, choose a Boca Raton provider that can provide professional based campaign consulting services. Some of these include Constant Contact, iContact, and ExactTarget among others. The customized campaign-strategy services will come with an additional fee.

Will You Need Social-Media Elements Built Into The Email Marketing Campaigns?

If the content of the email messages that you send is resonating with your current subscribers, you will want these subscribers to share this on the different social-media networks they use. This will further how far your brand reaches.

Embedding a linked button to your business Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or any other social-media account will boost your current exposure to any new audiences that have purchasing patterns that are similar to the email subscribers you currently have. The majority of the providers offer these social features which include MailChimp, Constant Contact, and ActiveCampaign.

Should You Design Your Emails With A Template Or Should You Pay For Your Custom Design?

The popular services like Constant Contact and MailChimp provide extensive selections that are free of charge. These templates are all professionally designed and in most cases will not require HTML to customize with the colors and logos of your company.

There are also some providers such as ExactTarget that can assist you in designing themes and blending graphics from the marketing materials you already have. ExactTarget is a provider that also provides email design services at an additional fee.

How To Choose The Right Images To Use?

When choosing images, think about visually-compelling and crisp models that can portray a story about your brand. You should be showcasing the services or products you are trying to promote. Make sure that you can host and upload your files and images for every email campaign on the servers of your providers for free.

How Can You Ensure Your Emails Will Appear Correctly Regardless Of What Platform Or Device People Are Viewing Them On?

The subscribers you have will read your emails on different devices that can include tablets, laptops, desktops and smartphones and from a variety of varying email service types. To ensure the text and images appear correctly, choose the email marketing providers which will allow you to preview what the email campaign will look like on the devices that your subscribers typically use the most.

When it comes to mobile optimization, choose providers like GetResponse, iContact or MailChimp. They offer templates that are mobile-optimized which can assist in making sure each of your emails appears correctly on smartphones and tablets.

What Analytic Types Will Measure The Effectiveness Of Your Campaigns?

The majority of the email marketing services will offer free self-service reporting and analytics tools. These tools will be able to determine the number of people that have opened your emails, the links they have clicked on and some emails that your subscribers or readers have forwarded onto others.

These tools will also allow you to see some people that have unsubscribed from your emails and some invalid email addresses as well as some emails which were undelivered as well as why. If you can track which of your emails happen to be the most shared and the most engaging, you can find out the content type that will resonate the best with the subscribers you have.

What Customer Support Level Should Your Company Be Expecting?

A number of the best Boca Raton email marketing services which cater for the smaller businesses provide phone support, email interaction, online chat, video-product tutorials and common FAQs. It is highly advisable to choose the provider that offers web and phone chat along with knowledgeable and live customer service representatives.