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How You Can Increase Your Business Exposure in the Digital Space

With digital technology getting more advanced and accessible, businesses have already jumped on the digital marketing train. The digital space has provided marketers numerous ways for companies to reach their target market and build connections with them. It completely shifted the practice of advertising from traditional and direct to flexible and online.

Advertising online especially favors those who have a small budget. A lot of marketing services offer flexible payment terms like Social Media Advertising, Email Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing. Probably one of the most budget-friendly and cost-effective ways to market your business is Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing, which has long been in the digital marketing business.

In PPC Marketing, you pay your ad placement provider only when a visitor clicks on your ads and gets redirected to the landing page you connect the announcement too. The cost per click is determined by the bid you make for the selected keywords and your quality score, which is the value and relevance of your PPC ads and your chosen keywords.

PPC Marketing gets your ads placed on websites where your target audience often go to, enhancing brand recall and builds brand awareness. It is often non-disruptive, meaning your audience does not need to be disturbed with their course of use of the internet just to see your ad. PPC ads are usually placed on the banner, side, or bottom of the page. It's up to you where you want to get your ads put.

Another great thing about the use of PPC Marketing is its ability to do retargeting. Retargeting is getting in front of the people who have already visited or interacted with your website. PPC Marketing can place your ads on the ad spaces of their social media home pages, allowing for brand recall!

To maximize what PPC Marketing can offer your business, it needs to go through the process of these three steps towards activation and success:

1. Keyword Research

Finding the right and relevant keywords you want to be seen or rank for is the essence of PPC marketing. Your ads appear when these keywords are searched for in search engines, making its appearance relevant as it is put on the page of your target market. This increases the opportunity of getting the most number of clicks and conversions. Showing up at the right place at the right time would greatly benefit you.

So how do you find the right keywords you want to bid for? First you need to make a list of general terms associated with the products or services you offer, as well as keywords relating to your products that you think your target market may be searching for. Next, you put brand terms, or keywords containing your name. You might want to add names of your competitors as well. Then you do a keyword research to see the most relevant and beneficial keywords for your PPC campaigns. You can check Google Adwords for keyword rankings.

2. Bid Management

Of course, you would want a lower cost per click, right? However, your ads cost per click depends on the value of the keywords you want to rank for as well as your quality score. If your chosen keyword tends to be very popular, the price to bid would have to be a little steeper.

Google offers an automated bid management system. It determines the best bid for your ad campaigns. Once you take the default bid that Google sets, it handles everything from then on from monitoring your proposals to adjusting them accordingly to bid and market price changes. You can also ask your PPC management firm to manage your bids for you, as Google's automated great management tends to have a high cost per click.

3. Ad Creation

PPC ads can either be in text or visual. It depends on the goals you set for your PPC ad campaigns. Regardless of the purpose, PPC ads require creativity so it would stand out and get s seen by your target audience, and relevance as you wouldn't want to put anything to advertise your brand that would contradict the name you are promoting.

Say you've already begun your PPC marketing journey you have signed up for a PPC ad publisher network and published your first ad. How do you measure if your PPC marketing is effective in accomplishing your business goals? There are three quantifiable metrics you should keep in check to see the success of your PPC marketing: click-through rate, conversion rate, and cost per action.

Click-through rate is the number of people who clicked your PPC ads and was redirected to the landing page you connect your ad to. This number is divided by the total number who have seen your ad“ if your service provider can give you data on that. If not, that's okay, at least you know how much people clicked your ads allowing you gauge if it's useful or not.

The conversion rate is the number of people who signed up, purchased, or did any action on your landing page from the redirection of the PPC ad. This number is divided by your total number of click-throughs, to get the conversion rate percentage. This allows you to know how useful your landing page is in acquiring leads and customers.

Finally, the cost per action is an important deciding factor if PPC marketing is apt for your business or if you should look into more suitable ways on how to advertise your business and what you have to offer to the market.

If you want to get you started in PPC marketing, here are the top 5 digital marketing companies in Delray Beach who offer PPC marketing services that have proven its expertise and credibility:


With almost 15 years of providing PPC services to the market, JumpFly boasts several awards for being the best company in pay per click management. They solely focus on PPC management to be able to deliver the best results to their clients. Their price range consists of a monthly budget and a management fee. Of course, you should pay for the service you get.

Disruptive Advertising

Disruptive Advertising has proven its stature as an industry-thought leader by showing their expertise through the articles they publish on their blog. Their services cover PPC management, site testing, and analytics to give their clients the holistic experience they deserve.

 Get Found First

Get Found First is so big on returning your investment, they will even give your money back if the performance of your keyword results does not improve in 90 days. Their PPC management is heavily focused on ROI–promising to increase, measure, and give you a definite ROI.


Comcorp offers several digital marketing services besides pay per click marketing, such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and e-commerce consulting. They have been in the industry long enough to gain Fortune 1000 clients.

 GGG Marketing

GGG Marketing is a full-service creative digital marketing agency. They offer SEO, content marketing, and paid advertising services. They take pride in their work and putting their customers first. They help their clients grow their business through their full spectrum of digital marketing strategies and believe that their success is measured by the success of their clients.

There are other PPC marketing firms in Delray Beach, what you see on our list is just a few of the best and most popular ones. Marketing and PR firms have long been settling in Delray Beach, finding the best one for your business shouldn't be that hard because almost if not all companies can surely help you grow your business in no time!