Location Based SEO Miami Florida

Getting Started With Miami Florida Location-Based SEO

Are you satisfied with the number of targeted customers you attract from search engines? If you answered no, then you should take the time to reformulate your strategy and put your website in the best position to generate more leads. If you’ve been playing the SEO game for a long time now, you know how fast the landscape evolves. You must be on your toes all the time if you want to ensure that you remain well ahead of the competition. And given the number of businesses in Miami, Florida that compete for the same set of eyes, you must consistently find ways to set your brand apart.

 The Evolution Of Local Search Engine Optimization

It’s interesting to take a trip back in time and evaluate how the local SEO scene has evolved over the years. Only a few years ago, everybody was competing to get on the “7-pack.” This was the time when Google started rendering seven prominent listings for local search results. Because these listings take a greater portion of the page, it only makes sense for business owners to want to show up in the “7-pack” to attract more targeted customers.

Shortly after this, the “snack pack” was introduced. It was very similar to its predecessor, but Google decided to trim down the list to only highlight a handful of businesses to their users. Today, the local “3-pack” is what business owners long for. Google has implemented plenty of changes in how they serve local search results. The “3-pack” shows relevant business information at a glance, enabling users to easily find what they need without having to click through any further.

Given all these changes, it’s obvious that you also have to adapt your Miami Florida location-based SEO to improve your chances of showing up in the search listings. With proper implementation, you can generate an extreme amount of traffic and have more opportunities to convert prospects into real customers.

How To Improve Your Local Search Presence

Several things can contribute to improving your search engine visibility. The good news is that if you’ve been doing local SEO for a long time, there is no need to implement any drastic changes. Instead, you simply have to optimize what’s already working on your site and make sure that your listing includes all the positive signals that entice people to click.

Local Schema Markup

It’s already 2017, but many online marketers still fail to realize the importance of schema markups. Structured data markups are utilized by search engines to have a better understanding of what your business is all about. You can easily and quickly add these are schema markups to your HTML microdata. What’s more, a Structured Data Testing Tool is offered by Google. There is simply no excuse not to use local schema markups because you can now quickly identify errors in your structured data with the help of this free tool from Google.

Be correctly using schema markups, it’s possible to drastically improve how well your website ranks in the organic results pages. And because a lot of business owners still do not implement them on their website, this can mean taking a huge lead over the competition.

Google My Business

Back in the day, it proves difficult to handle all your accounts on Google which you use for your local SEO strategies. Today, Google My Business provides an all in one solution, so you don’t have to log in and out of your accounts constantly. Moreover, the intuitive dashboard makes it easier than ever to create all the enhancements and tweaks necessary to improve your chances of showing up in the local “3-pack.”

If you already have a Google My Business account, you might think that you no longer have to do anything. However, it’s important that you optimize your business listing to guarantee that when your brand shows up in the “3-pack”, all relevant information can be readily seen by your prospects.

According to studies, online consumers prefer transacting with businesses if they have a complete listing in the results pages. This is because a full list provides excellent user experience. It means users do not have to click through any page on the listing because all the information they want is already displayed on the page.

Revisit your Google my business account and make sure that you include all important information about your business. This includes your business website, phone number, different photos, opening hours, and genuine user reviews.

Customer Reviews

Do a little experiment and observe the information getting served in the local “3-pack.” As mentioned earlier, important business information is displayed on the page. This includes customer reviews. As you know, most online consumers prefer reading reviews and testimonials before pushing through with their purchasing decision. This is similar to asking a friend or family member about the particular product or service before shelling out any money. Because customer reviews are now prominently displayed on your listing, you must encourage your target customers to leave reviews about your brand to attract more leads.

Of course, you should first make sure that your structured data enables rich snippets for reviews and ratings. This way, all the reviews and star ratings of your brand will appear in the results pages. These factors can draw the line between the customer clicking through your listing or head over to your competitors.

Part of your strategy must also involve enticing customers to write a review about your business as part of building a strong online reputation.This can be as simple as directly asking your customers to leave a review after using your product or service. A simple statement on your blog can prove to be powerful in this regard. You must also make sure that your business is talked about in a positive light in the most reputable review websites on the web.

Social Properties

Instead of exclusively focusing your Miami SEO Company to boosting the organic rankings of your website, you must also make sure that your other online properties also rank well in the search engines. Again, Google My Business proves to be your best friend. This tool enables you to optimize not only your business listing but your social properties as well.

Bear in mind that all of your online accounts present an opportunity to build a location-based SEO. For example, using a Twitter handle relevant to your business makes it easier for followers to determine what your brand is all about. The same technique can be applied to all your social accounts.

It’s also worth looking into creating other kinds of content other than traditional blog posts. For one, you can create an infographic that offers real value to your prospects. Infographics are enormous of these days, with many going viral in a short period.

Another method is to upload YouTube videos and rank them for local search terms. Online videos amass a high number of views very quickly. By presenting your content in a unique way, you can stand out from the competition and gain the trust of more targeted.

Implement Local SEO Today

There is absolutely nothing complicated to implementing these Miami Florida location-based SEO techniques. Make sure that you take action right now. Otherwise, you risk getting taken over by the competition. By being consistent and dedicated to your local SEO plan, you put your business in the best position to take a dominant share of your target market while simultaneously boosting brand authority.